The Rise and Fall of Canada’s Fourth Reich Part 2: Canada’s Long National Nightmare…

The Rise and Fall of Canada’s Fourth Reich Part 2: Canada’s Long National Nightmare

Harper Nude by Margaret Sutherland

And so the Election Writ has been dropped…early. In yet another opportunistic and cynical middle finger salute to Canadians, Stephen Harper has called for a longer election campaign designed to further bankrupt the country and put opposition parties in dire financial straits.

Dearies, the Greatest Prime Minister Canada Never Had, former UN Ambassador humanitarian, HIV/AIDS advocate and National Treasure, Stephen Lewis eloquently spoke for us all when he said:

Somewhere in my soul, I cherish the possibility of a return to a vibrant democracy where equality is the watchword, where policy is debated rather than demeaned, where the great issues of the day are given thoughtful consideration, where Canada’s place on the World stage is seen as principled and laudatory, where human rights for all is the emblem of a decent and civilized society…

Harper Ukraine  Harpers In India Harper G7 Remember Me Harper and Pope Cartoon Mike De Adder

Scorched Earth: For the past year or two, Stephen Harper has pretty much prorogued Parliament and spent much of his time abroad, where he receives a far warmer welcome than he does in Canadian communities. Staging cheesy photo-ops in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, India, France, Belgium, Poland and The Vatican was the order of the day

Harper Emperor    Tom Mulcair2  Justin Trudeau  Elizabeth May

Dear Leader has avoided having to answer those pesky questions about a tanking economy, healthcare cuts, and other thorny political issues. He has also been busy evening the score with Old Enemies. In his sociopathic mind ANYONE who is not for him – Is Against Him, and therefore on the Enemies List. This list includes everyone from The Supreme Court of Canada, his political opponents the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair, the Liberal’s Justin Trudeau, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Women, Teachers, Scientists (#MuzzledScience),  Unions and Journaliststo the First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities, Non-Profits and saddest of all…The Canadian People

Harper Hugs Baird  peter-mackay-wears-no-compromise-pro-gun-t-shirt  James Moore

The Night of the Long Knives: In the past 6-8 months, we have seen the defection of Harper’s closest cronies.  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird screwed up Canadian Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy’s release from an Egyptian prison, mollified Vladmir Putin, and has since gone to work for a rapacious mining company and a former Aussie Prime Minister, attempting to clean up UN agencies…forgive me if I puke here. The ultimate flyweight ex-Defense and current InJustice Minister Peter MacKay, is not running, in order to “spend more time with his family”. Industry Minister James Moore has also chosen “to spend more time” with wife and child after facing a firestorm over his sexting/extramarital affair RideMeWilfredGate.

Christian Paradis  Shelly Glover  Eve Adams and Trudeau

Christian Paradis the International Development Minister decamped, just as the magnitude of Canada’s trade deficits and growing recession became obvious to everyone except the Conservatives. Canadian Heritage and Official Languages Minister Shelly Glover stepped down, just before those horrific propaganda adds about Canada’s Arctic and the tragic Franklin Expedition began jamming the airwaves . Eve Adams defected to the Liberal Party (where, karmically, she lost her nomination!) but methinks she and former Conservative Party apparatchik and pimp Dimitri Soudas, are merely moles. So much for Conservative Family Values and commitment to this country, in its hour of need.

Harper Dropping Writ Toon MacKay  Nunavut Dump  MMIW

The Conservative War Coffers are bulging at the seams with taxpayer monies that they have illegally clawed back from social programs and the sale of stocks and other liquid cash holdings…THAT BELONG TO THE CANADIAN PEOPLE-NOT THE HARPER CONS. Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada are in essence BUYING THE CANADIAN ELECTION on the backs of Canadian families, our children, our Veterans, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (#MMIW), and on and on. (please see Part 1 of The Rise and Fall of Canada’s Fourth Reich)

Canadas Economic Action Plan Penises  Harper Sinking Ship Joe Oliver  Harper Pie For Everyone Toon  David Parkins Harper Vote Buying Scandal UCCB

Sucker-Punching Canadians With Their Own Money: In the weeks preceding the Writ being dropped, Harper and the Conservative Caucus fanned out across the country, in what is without doubt the most cynical, opportunistic orchestrated case of outright vote-buying in the Free World. More than 1 billion dollars in “giveaways” TO taxpayers, with their own money, was distributed  by Cabinet Ministers, with the same callousness of Marie Antoinette’s famed (and disputed) “Let them eat cake”. We all know how well that ended for Ms. Antoinette…but I digress.

Lies Herr Harper Told Me

Hitler and Leni Reifenstahl Harper and Jenni Byrne  Harper and Pierre Poilievre Joe Oliver Mad Hatter

Adolf Hitler worked closely with propaganda filmmaker extraordinaire Leni Riefenstahl. Stephen Harper and Jenni Byrne often make the Josef Goebbels and Third Reich propaganda machine look like pikers…but the premise is always the same. The Bigger the Lie, the easier it is to believe: The viciousness of the never-ending tax-payer funded TV attack ads is breath-taking. Harper propagandist-in-short-pants Pierre Poilievre, gushed that the Universal Childcare Credit Benefit (UCCB) that rolled out on July 30 was “Christmas in July for Canadian families”. Joe Oliver’s April Budget was an out and out LIE…sugar-coated in moonbeams and unicorns. In a floundering economy where the Loonie neared 70 cents to the US Dollar today, it most certainly IS NOT Xmas in July for Canadians.

Leona Aglukkaq Harper Franklin Expedition  Polar Bears Caribou

NO, Herr Harper Handmaiden, Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Arctic – its Peoples and wildlife are NOT safe from the ravages of Climate Change, Vladmir Putin or Conservative Party machinations! PM Harper’s new interest in history by creating lushly expensive Franklin Expedition ads (but cutting funding for the CBC whose documentarians could have done a better job) is ironic, given the fact that he is re-writing the history books as the most corrupt, paranoid and dishonest Canadian PM ever.  And YES, the Tar Sands Miracle has totally evaporated…And NO, Mr. Prime Minister, it is NOT Albertans Fault!

Truth and Reconciliation Toon De Adder Murray Sinclair  Valcourt_Mulcair-large-800x450

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission initiative earlier this year, said so much about Stephen Harper on several levels. Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt, made me ashamed to be Canadian when he sat through a standing ovation for Supreme Court Justice Murray Sinclair’s moving speech about the importance of All Canadians learning from the National Shame that was the Residential School Scandal, its impact on society, and moving forward in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

Harper Ramadan Meal at 24 Sussex  Mother Canada with UCCB Cheque  Veterans Slush Fund

Gone are the days when Pandering was a crime. In fact, Herr Harper and His Henchmen have perfected the art of pandering to EVERY relevant major voting block out there. Why just this year Dearies, he hosted a post-Ramadan feast at Sussex Drive FOR THE FIRST TIME. He offered financial support to a questionable monument on Cape Breton Island. Intended to honour those who served and died overseas. Mother Canada is offensively tasteless, as the Guardian puts it…as the same Stephen Harper continues to disrespect Canadian troops and Veterans by denying them benefits and services, and raiding their funding to “Balance The Budget”. Until he needs a cheesy staged photo-op, that is. This Prime Minister Know No Shame!

Harper Jesus  Harper Big Leader is Watching You  Harper Fear Harper Democracy Toon de Adder

And because there is only ONE person who can save Canadians from ourselves…. Stephen Harper, affectionately christened CPC Jesus by Vancouver Conservative MP Wai Young, has shut down any national or parliamentary debate about National Security, and rammed through Bill C-51. Surprisingly enough, Justin Trudeau supported the Bill. Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May did not. Now don’t get  me wrong Dearies, it is not that Canada doesn’t need a National Security Bill. It’s just that this Bill is so draconian in the way it has been deviously written. The implications of far-reaching secret security services stripping the democratic rights of everyday Canadians with NO recourse for citizens, is disturbing in the extreme. To say that Bill C-51 is perverse and an abomination, is an understatement.

Perhaps the greatest part of this Greek Tragedy is, that as much as we Canadians hate Stephen Harper, (and remember, Canadians rarely HATE their elected leaders we – dislike them, disapprove of them, are disappointed in them) Stephen Harper, who will do and say ANYTHING to cling to power…hates us even more.


When will Canada’s Long National Nightmare end? October 19 cannot come soon enough… It is your duty as a Canadian to register your displeasure at the ballot box, that last bastion of Canadian Democracy!! Your failure to Vote, essentially means that Fascism wins..

Many Thanks to Kingston Artist Margaret Sutherland, for her brilliant portrait of the Emperor With No Clothes.

I would like to thank the following political cartoonists for their incredible ability to capture the current Canadian political and social climate. In many ways,  cartoonists have become the voice and the conscience of Canadians everywhere…because a picture is indeed worth a thousand words:

  • Michael de Adder
  • Brian Gable
  • Victor Juhasz
  • Graeme MacKay
  • Bruce MacKinnon
  • Theo Moudakis
  • David Parkins
  • Greg Perry

Apologies for any acknowledgment omissions.

Miss Myrtle’s Rectal Cranial Impaction Hall of Fame Part 3

Illegitimi non carborundum – Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down

Here for your edification and enjoyment are yet more Inductees into the Rectal Cranial Impaction Hall of Fame. These are the folks who leave us dumbfounded, dumbstruck and dumbfucked, in no particular order:

DISCLAIMERS: Any picture/Inductee duplication is purely intentional. You may also notice that the majority of Inductees are men. Dearies, that should require no further explanation. This blog post has less written text and more photos…because a picture is worth a thousand words.

SPECIAL THANKS to Colonel Morris Davis, former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor for creating the phrase Rectal Cranial Impaction

Your Nominations Are Welcomed

Oh that wacky Dominique Strauss-Kahn – he’s at it again. This time, he’s being tried in Paris for pimping. I suppose that his tenure as head of the IMF- International Monetary Fund was a fertile training ground. As if his total humiliation in New York when he was charged with raping a hotel maid wasn’t enough… And then, I am saddened to say, we have NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams, whose embellished retelling of an Iraq incident has resulted in his 6 month suspension without pay. There has been more than enough lying about Iraq, by the previous Bush Administrations, so am glad that Williams may return, a chastened man. We hold our true journalists to a higher standard. Faux News, those faux journalists…have NO standards. Eve Adams is not a household name here in Canada, she is more of a Sun News/tabloid star. Her Blondness was a potential star in Canada’s Conservative Party when she and her boyfriend Dimitri Soudas brought down the wrath of God a.ka. Stephen Harper, and were banished. Presto chango- they have just turned up as new stars of the Canadian Liberal Party Team. This pair are two of the biggest airheads and opportunists on the political scene, and that says a lot!

Dominique Strauss Kahn   brian williams Soudas Harper Mays

Christine Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina is trying to distance herself from collusion in the murder of her prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was about to blow the whistle on Iran’s involvement in the fatal bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992. Dearies, the Boys from Brazil are still running much of South America… and so it seems are the Girls. The Liberal Party of Canada, under the leadership of the young Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had been progressing along fairly well until he called a Press Conference to introduce the newest member of his 2015 Election Team, defector Eve Adams. Florida Rep D. Alan Hays is a retired dentist. He is demanding that all 8th graders watch a conservative movie America: Imagine the World Without Her. He introduced state Senate Bill 96  to combat what he sees as the “erroneous” and “anti-American” content of American history classes.

Christina Fernandez   adams-trudeau    AlanHays

Dinesh D’Souza is the conservative “filmmaker” who crafted the mediocrity that is America: Imagine the World Without Her.  Apparently the movie is so bad that Roger Ebert panned it and Rotten Tomatoes awarded it 8%.** Speaking of getting panned, the perpetually petulant Kanye West continues to inject himself into other’s important moments in the spotlight, as he did at the Grammys, again, when Beck received his award. Borrring! Rude! Tedious! How has this guy been allowed to procreate? Although, it does seem totally fair that he is married to another previous Inductee-Kim Kardashian’s Ass. Then there are The Anti Vaxxers, championed by GOP Rand Paul and Chris Christie***. These are the neanderthals who refuse to vaccinate their children. They are selfishly and callously exposing young children with life-threatening illnesses like Dr. Timothy Jacks’ 2 yr. old daughter, who has leukemia, to measles, while undergoing chemotherapy -potentially lifethreatening measles. SHAME!

dinesh dsouza   KANYE_3192313c   Measles Chris Christy Rand Paul

Dearies, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a direct arm of the Conservative Party is in a Pre-Election frenzy., Their twitter feed has gone into overdrive promoting two highly dubious programs, both at taxpayer expense, naturally. As if the McDonald’s temporary worker scandal of 2014 wasn’t fresh enough in voters minds, CIC is flogging the “economic worker” program. Who the hell came up with that moniker? Whether temporary or economic, it all translates into low-paying jobs for foreign workers and no jobs for Canadians! And then there is the “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa”program. I swear, it is impossible to make this stuff up. Directly pandering to the huge Asian and South Asian voting blocks, the govt is cheerily tweeting that the “This visa is valid for up to 10 years and will let you visit your family in Canada for up to two years without renewing your status” Forgive me while I punch a hole in the wall… And then there is HSBC, the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, that beacon of fiduciary responsibility and rapacious reach. A  new global scandal has emerged that HSBC tax documents show they helped wealthy clients hide billions, including Canadian clients. LOL, if one more person tells me that the Brits bought the bank from the Chinese, am going to puke. Puppetmasters, Dearies. The Chinese own just about everyone everywhere. From the global, to the minute, we turn our unwelcome attention to AMC Tallahassee. The theatre chain succumbed to political blackmail and is screening the aforementioned epic America: Imagine the World Without Her. Can tell you from experience Dearies, getting a national theatre chain to screen a film WITHOUT a distributor is impossible!

Gov-t-of-Canada-logo         hsbc-logo            amc-logo

There is a special place in Hell reserved for folks like West Virgina Rep Brian Kurcaba. Mr. Kurcaba opined that rape “can be a beautiful thing when a baby is the result”. When pressed that perhaps he had misplaced his adjectives, he insisted that he should be taken at his word. The Saudi Royal Family truly are the gift that keeps on giving. When George Dubya’s buddy King Abdullah died recently, the world turned out to grovel at the state funeral.. oil prices being what they are. The funeral revived gossip that The Royal Family were directly involved in 9/11 and other terrorist acts around the globe. It also shone a spotlight on rumours of Family members funding ISIS, Al Quaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist groups.  Finally we come to KKK Mouthpiece Alabama Justice Roy Moore. This sorry excuse for a jurist and human being, said that he “blocked gay marriages because father-daughter weddings were next!” ** He struck down the Supreme Court decision, arguing of course that this is a State issue, not a Federal one. So much for the Constitution…

Brian Kurcaba  r-SAUDI-ARABIA-PRINCE-large570  Roy Moore

Must stop for now Dearies. Need a dram or five… so many Inductees, so little time.

Stay tuned for Part 4


** Thanks to Raw Story   *** Thanks to Mel Neuhaus @acehanna54